I want to book but not sure if I'm really ready? I still need to lose weight...

YOU ARE READY!  When was the last time you were Professionally photographed or put yourself first to be pampered?  Almost every time the answers are "I was photographed last when I got married", "never" and "I can't remember the last time I pampered myself?"

I know we change over the years, but we need to EXIST IN PHOTOS today and celebrate the every day not just the 'special moments'.  Quite often I hear "I want too and I will, but I still need to lose 10 more pounds!".  Well I am good for those 10lbs and then some just in posing!  You will be fully guided throughout your whole shoot.  You deserve a day; your friends & family love you for who you are today and what you look like now!

I'm NOT Photogenic.

There is no such thing as BEING 'photogenic' or not being.  There is only the light that shines from within and that comes out from being comfortable in front of my camera.  It will happen because that's my job - that's my SUPERPOWER! 

Most often clients are nervous at first, but within 10 minutes I promise, you will forget all about those nervous butterflies and you will feel like you are on the pages of a magazine.  You will be guided, posed and directed throughout your whole shoot!  Almost every client I have had, tells me how nervous they were coming and how beautiful and wonderful they felt leaving.

What do you do for that little extra I'm conscious about - my roll, acne, frown lines...

Although I do not believe in or want to edit your images to create a whole different person; through makeup, lighting, posing and touch-ups we will create beautiful images that are you and that you love.

I have NOTHING to wear!

At our consultation we will talk about what to bring; colours & styles.  I will help style your session and will often suggest starting with a more casual / Calvin Klein look to a more formal / Vanity Fair.  It gives a wide selection and offers a variety.  But it's totally up to you as this is your session!We have suggestions about retailers for purchasing new items or possibly renting garments.  We also have a selection of pieces at the Studio that you are more than welcome to wear or add to your own outfit.  Together we will make it work and I promise you will feel fabulous!

Ok I'm EXCITED and ready to book, how quickly can we I be photographed?

Every photoshoot requires a Consultation.  Once we have scheduled your consult we can then book your session date which would be approximately 3+weeks after.  

Contact Tarra at either 604.789.5965 or tarra@tarralee.com to set your one or both dates that works best for your schedule.  

50% of the $399 Session Fee is due at this time to secure your photoshoot date; the last 50% is due one week before your session. A $100 credit will be given to product purchase.

Who can come with me?

You can choose to have this session just for you or you can share & celebrate this day with your mum, daughter, sister, partner, husband or best friend. 

If you would like to finish off the session with photos of you with your husband, partner and/or children; I suggest to have them join you at the end of the session for the last 30 mins of the session.

In order for the studio to give you the full luxury experience and create the most beautiful images, we are not able to offer third party attendants.  

When can I see my gallery?

Your gallery will be ready for you to view at your reveal approximately 10-14 days after your session.

We are coming from Downtown or from The Valley, is it hard or long to get to you?

No!  We are very centrally located in the Panorama Area of ever-growing City of Surrey.  We are only approximately 45 minutes and easily accessible from HWY 91 coming from Downtown Vancouver; and approximately 45 minutes off of HWY 1 coming from The Valley.  Of course very easily accessible from everywhere in between!

What will my final investment be for this Luxury Experience?

Collections start at $1100 and go up from there.

It depends on you.  You only buy what you LOVE and want to cherish for all time xx

{Payment plans are available upon inquiry}